Jackelyn Severin

I host Making A Living for South Dakota Public Broadcasting. The monthly panel discussion focuses on business and community development topics in the state of South Dakota. 

Some Schools Offering Hybrid Learning

The school year has just started and already students in districts across South Dakota are testing positive for COVID-19. Many of those schools will switch to online learning much sooner than anticipated. There are a few versions of online learning – one iscalled hybrid – with some students in the classroom and others at home. Tina Belden is the Computer Science teacher at Estelline High School. She is talking to a full class of students, although, it may not look like it. That’s because in her

SDPB's Jackelyn Severin Visits Blue Dasher Farms

For the last three decades, farms in South Dakota and around the United States have trended towards bigger operations focusing on growing one or two commodity crops. Proponents of regenerative agriculture aim to reverse that trend by adding more animal and crop diversity in order to make farming more sustainable both economically and environmentally. SDPB looks at the future of farming this month. Jackelyn Severin brings you this story from Blue Dasher Farms.
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